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Glad you’ve found me – my name is Kateri and I live in Scotland with my husband and son.

Just like Batgirl (Barbara Gordon) I’m a librarian by day but, unlike her, I spend my evenings hanging with my family, crafting, reading, absorbing popular culture or doing stuff for Girlguiding – I’m a leader for Scottish Senior Section Lones which supports girls who can’t attend a regular unit.

I seem to be stupidly busy with all of these activities so often fail to post daily or weekly instead most of these posts appear during holidays, weekends or the best of all breaks from work – the snow day. It has been said that I’ve blown my pension on stickers and crafty ideas which is true (though I’m sure those 1980s stickers are now collectibles). I’m pretty sure my road to hell is paved with the craft projects that never happened.

I’ve been crafting since I could handle a crayon (mother is an art teacher) and I’ve been making and designing my own miniature bears (under 3”) since April 2003. My bears and critters are continually evolving, so each one is usually unique (this is closely linked to my attention span and loath to mass produce as I find it really dull).

If you want to get in touch you can post a comment or email me at kateriww(at)gmail (dot)com

Thanks for visiting! Kateri

P.S. All the opinions expressed in the blog are mine and mine alone and they do not represent the thoughts or opinions of the various organisations I’m a member of or work for.

P.P.S. Bahoochie is Scots for bottom, bum or backside. Pronounced ba-hook-ee, it is used in a friendly manner, often with children. Since Scots is a spoken language there are different spellings of bahoochie including bahookie and behouchie.

Bahoochie was chosen as the spelling because “Animal ABC; a Scots alphabet by Susan Rennie” has B for ‘birlin bears wi big bahoochies’. If you are wondering, this means twirling bears with big bottoms.

Recent Posts

A-Z Challenge

This Easter holidays we did a family Alphabet Challenge;image

A – Art, Thorfinn went to see his first art exhibition (Roy Lichtenstein) with Granny and Mummy.
B – Baking, while Thorfy pretended to mix things in a bowl Mummy made Banana Cake.
C – Chocolate Pancakes (made by Daddy by using Chocolate Oatly)
D – Duplo building
E – Egg rolling (with weighted plastic eggs) and a plastic egg hunt
F – Feeding Dewey – Thorfy really enjoys feeding Dewey and now demands to give him any food Thorfy is done with (lots of carrots suspiciously little banana cake)
G – Giving Easter gifts – Thorfy was enthusiastic about handing these out to the family (not so good at not taking them back)
H – Hey Duggee – new show on Cbeebies that we all adore, Thorfy enjoyed doing a magazine based on it.
I – Inhaler – Thorfy ended up in hospital for a few days with asthma so daily inhaler is now an important part of the routine.
J – Jar shakers – various plastic containers filled with various dried foods = lots of fun and noise
K – Kisses and hugs from Thorfy – proper and unprovoked
L – Lie in for all though not at the same time
M – Making Easter cards
N – Nesting as we clean house and do some spring cleaning
O – Outside, Thorfy loves back garden though can now open gate so new lock required
P – Prawn Crackers – everyone plus rat enjoying
Q – Quiet times enjoying stories
R – Reading many including current favourite ‘One Gorilla’
S – Shoes, new proper walking shoes for Thorfinn
T – Trolley fun during Tesco shopping
U – Up and Away as Thorfy masters getting on his feet from the ground without holding anything
V – Visiting family
W – Watterson, Bill – Calvin and Hobbes inspired outfit
X – X in alphabet shaped potato
Y – “Yeah” Thorfy’s word of the moment
Z – Zzzz as Thorfinn sleeps through night (mostly)

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