Badges from kiddie doodles

Two of my nephews (P1 and 2) were drawing pictures with me during my last Orkney trip. So I got them to draw a picture of an animal/ monster.

We scanned this into the computer and I resized this to the size I wanted the badge to be.

I then traced the various bits of each creature onto to baking parchment (i.e I traced around the whole dog outline, then the eyes, muzzle and ear since I wanted these to all be different sections).

Transferred these sections onto the colours of felted I wanted to use (making sure they were all going to face the same way) and cut them out.

I cut a reversed version of the whole outline to use as the back.

I then blanket stitched on the bits in the right place and added any stitch detail to the faces . (I super glued the monsters dots!)

I then blanket stitched the two outline bits together (right sides out) leaving a small space for stuffing. Stuffed them lightly and sewed up the gap.

I then added a badge to the back.

Both boys were really impressed with their badges and were wearing them proudly during the visit. The oldre now wants a foot stool made of one of his drawings!

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