5 minute necklace

I made this necklace as a kit to go out in the Lones newsletter. It was so fast to do I thought I’d share.

You’ll need: adhesive transfer sheet, acrylic pendant, jump ring and cord.

Remove the protective plastic covers from the acrylic pendant.

Get the adhesive sheet (Herma Transfer Adhesive Sheet) and remove the backing paper. Press the pendant onto the glue dots.

Carefully re-lift the pendant – it is now evenly covered in glue dots (which are easily visible).

Position the pendant over the paper image you wish to use and press down evenly.

Carefully trim off excess paper (you might find using a craft knife makes this easier and neater).

Pierce a hole carefully through the paper inline with the one in the pendant.

Thread a jump ring through and close (you’ll need pliers for this bit).

Thread a cord through the jump ring and wear.

NB: To improve the life span of your pendant carefully apply clear nail varnish or PVA to the back of your picture.

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