Librarian’s Rock

Last year one of my pupils nominated me for the SLA School Librarian of the Year Award. I didn’t win but it was really nice to think they thought I deserved it. They even asked other pupils to say why I should win and shockingly enough there were a pile of positive comments but my favourite was ‘Because she ROCKS!!!’.

Librarians are having a rough time of it at the moment – over educated but under valued makes us easy to cut in times of tight budgets. Frankly it’s just too depressing but there is no point moaning instead I reckon we should stand up and be counted, make our voices heard.

We certainly need to convince others that what we do is important. With that in mind it was with huge joy I read a post on Wil Wheaton’s blog ‘Librarians are awesome‘ all about his positive experience of his High School librarian.

And you know what? He’s right we are! What we do does make a difference to the young people and we can be a positive influence on them- we just need to start saying and thinking it more.

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