Penguin Bag Charm

My God-daughter sent me the best drawing of a macaroni penguin ever!

So I decided I’d use that as the inspiration for a bag charm inspired by those seen on the Paul’s Boutique bags so many of the pupils at school carry.

First off I traced all the shapes of the drawing onto grease proof paper.

Next I racked through the crafty stash for felt, ribbon and rat-tail cording(for feet) that matched the colours.Next I used the pieces I traced on the baking parchment as templates and cut out the felt shapes. I also trimmed the ribbon and rat-tail cording to roughly the right sizes. Next I selected a bit of felt for the background.

Next I layered up the design…

and stitched it in place with a blanket stitch.

Added the details so it matches the drawing.Trimed around the design and then used it as a template to cut a piece of felt to be the backing. I cut it slightly larger so I’d have a yellow border. I then stitched the two pieces together. I also cut a circle-ish shape and slipped a safety pin through.Next I needed to choose ribbon. I opted for two extra wide, two wide and three thin pieces. They got folded in half so I needed to be double the length I wanted.

I turned the penguin over and laid the ribbon down so that the folded ends splayed out the top. I then stitched these in place. Next I fanned out the botton of the ribbon how I wanted and stitched that in place. Finally covering the ‘mess’ in the middle with the circle and pin.Finally I just trimmed the ends of the ribbons on the diagonal.Now I can carry my God-daughter’s genius with me everywhere!

One thought on “Penguin Bag Charm

  1. Hey, I just made a version of this based on the bags, remind me to show you. Although my ribbon collection is not as exciting as yours!
    I used a mix of fabric and felt as well as buttons, looks pretty darn fantastic. I’ll make another to take to camp as an example.

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