Camp Crafting

Alas this is not a big gay craft session, rather one for the upcoming SS11 event I’m involved with. As in the past couple of years, I’ve been assigned to the crafts and so I’m having to try things out.

I started with the rings from Mollie’s Makes vol.3:
but I decided that for a camp project it was a bit too long and fiddly (some of my girls have additional needs so it needs to be something we can vary the difficulty or input a bit more).

So next I tried out a felt brooch using the templates for the flower brooches again from vol.3 of Mollie’s Makes (in the magazine they use stiffened fabric)
Verdict: Too big, too long to do and not as nice as I’d hoped.

After a bit of a re-think, an internet search and a review of crafty supplies available I opted to make flowers and either add them to a hairband or add a pin to the back. Made using left-overs from dance outfit fabrics with a felt base these are easy, fun to do, fast and look good. I found a great how-to at make it-love itThe only difference with the ones online was that the fabric I was using is non-fray and possibly a bit thicker so I found 30 circles was sometimes too many. Also I hand sewed mine so to cover up I added a second circle of felt to the back and used that to sandwich the hairband between or add a pin to.

On the upside the hairband offers additional variations if folks want – I added the dog from Mollie’s Makes Vol.3 to one of them 🙂
Finally (at least for this post) I made badges for my Lone Senior Section members who’ll be on site as well:

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  1. Yes I like it. Though I notice that there is a bit of repetition on the craft front i.e. cute felt aminal, embroidery design that’s young and funky, etc. still I see things I want to do in the magazine.

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