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My God-daughter, Lexie, is big on Batgirl. Apparently she and her friends play ‘Batman’ at playtime in school – she gets to be Batgirl. In fairness I am big on Batgirl, mostly thanks to the fact that her alter ego, Barbara Gordon, was a librarian. So I decided to make her a little Batgirl doll (small enough to fit in an Altoids tin) as part of our London fun.

Thing is she has two sisters, and Clair said it was unfair to only make one for Lexie, so I made another two mini dolls. I opted for Wonder Woman (who I also admire) for Charlotte and (at Tom’s suggestion) Black Canary (who is the wife of the Green Arrow) for Minnie.

The nice thing is they are pretty easy to make so I thought I would share the pattern and how-to (for personal use only of course). I’m giving the how-to for Black Canary and hopefully you can work out how to do the others (if not drop me a message and I’ll try and help).

Right the first step to your very own mini Black Canary is to print out the patterns –

Next you need to cut out the felt pieces (being sure to reverse the templates as needed).

To make up the doll you layer it together like a jigsaw. I started by adding the front of the hair to the head.
Next I worked on the body. Essentially this was the same thing twice – once with the back and once with the front. Black Canary wears a jacket so I stitched on the bodice then added the sleeves (on the reverse body the bodice is a straight line and the jacket is a solid piece).

Then comes the fishnet tights which I embroidered on. As a rule it was easier to embroider the details on one layer and then stitch that piece in place.
Adding the boots and gloves to finish it off. (The back of the body is the same again).

Now it’s time to join the body together

Leave the neck open and stuff it lightly (I used felt scraps). Once it’s stuffed stitch it closed.
Next we need to make the head up. Embroider the eyes and mouth at this point.
Stitch the back of the head on – leaving a gap for stuffing.
After stitching this closed, attach the head to the body.
Finally attach the back of the hair – I only attached this around the sides and top.
There you have it a mini Black Canary.

NB: I freely admit that at various points I trimmed felt to make it fit better so feel free to do the same.

For Wonder Woman the pattern is:

For Batgirl the pattern is:

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