The Best Things In Life are P

It is well known amongst the Scottish Lone Rangers that the letter P is the best letter and to prove it I’ve created a challenge badge. You can get the syllabus here¬†and it includes the order form for the super cute badge designed by moi.


6 thoughts on “The Best Things In Life are P

  1. My girls @ 5th Milngavie Guides, loved working on this badge. Plenty of things to do. From a 5 minute filler to a 30 min outdoor wide game.

  2. Hello. Love the idea. I might try it. I have a question about being part of a Lone Ranger unit. How do you join as I’m away at uni and there’s no ranger units near me though I do still help out at rainbows and brownies if love to do challenges with members my own age. Thanks Karla x

  3. I work with Lone Rangers in Scotland so if you live here email the address in the badge pack and we will send on our info but if you at based elsewhere in UK it’s a case of contacting your local county and seeing if they have Lones – not all counties do but hopefully they can help.

  4. I am going to have a go with my lone guides in Queensland Australia. I had a thought with the pass the parcel that i would start it by sending a parcel to be “passed” around the unit and each person adds one thing starting with a “P” then if your unit is interested we could do a trade of our P parcel?

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