About Me

Glad you’ve found me – I live in Scotland with my husband and son. I seem to be stupidly busy so often fail to post regularly instead posts appear during holidays, weekends or the best of all breaks from work – the snow day. It has been said that I’ve blown my pension on stickers and crafty ideas which is true (though I’m sure those 1980s stickers are now collectibles).

Thanks for visiting!

P.S. All the opinions expressed in the blog are mine and mine alone and they do not represent the thoughts or opinions of the various organisations I’m a member of or work for.

P.P.S. Bahoochie is Scots for bottom, bum or backside. Pronounced ba-hook-ee, it is used in a friendly manner, often with children. Since Scots is a spoken language there are different spellings of bahoochie including bahookie and behouchie.