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What are Cookies? nip over to Allaboutcookies to find out

According to EU Law I have to make you aware of what cookies my website uses. So here is (hand on heart) what cookies I think my website currently uses. If you know better feel free to correct me.

I am registered with Google Analytics and this keeps cookies to keep track of the how visitors are using the site. The user data is anonymous.

My Comment system this will hold a session cookie as you log-in and comment. When you input your information to leave a comment, it’s stored so the site recognises you the next time you comment and you don’t have to reenter your information.

I use third-party cookies with some of  plug-ins – for example, buttons for sharing or liking content that “keep count” of likes via the use of a cookie.

I sometimes link to other websites to enable you to visit other websites of interest easily. Needless to say I have no control over these other sites so you should exercise caution and look at the privacy statement applicable to the website in question.

I did look in to adding a opt-in pop-up but frankly my ICT skills aren’t up to the job but if anyone reckons they can explain it to me feel free to try.

Most of this policy was adpated (or let’s be honest heavily plagarised) from Kelloggsville because she managed to explain it much better than I can. Her cookie policy also has more information on cookies and how you can turn them off (again much better done than I can manage).

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